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The Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) delivered the allure result for Sergey ‘LMBT’ Bezhanov,

one of 37 expert mentors in Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) who were restricted from instructing following a new duping embarrassment.

Bug Exploit Scandal

Bezhanov and the others were associated with misusing a “onlooker bug” grand lotto

in CS:GO which permits players to move unreservedly around game guides during serious ongoing interaction,

just as taking care of area data to their groups about their adversaries. The 33-year-old Ukranian who was the mentor of the expert group Forze was involved by ESIC, September, 28, and restricted from training for 7.5 months.

In his appeal to the respectability body for eSports contests, grand lotto

Sergey Bezhanov “has provided convincing narrative, video and outsider validating proof”,

to demonstrate that in two of the cases he was absent at his PC at the time the observer bug was enacted, and in the other two cases he detached and looked for administrator help, not the slightest bit attempting to exploit by misusing the bug abilities.

Allure result declaration, ESIC

ESIC further expressed gratitude toward Sergey Bezhanov and the group he mentors,

ESIC Issued Bans, Determined to Prevent Integrity

The examination dispatched in September by the ESIC brought about many boycotts gave to mentors,

Forced boycotts are substantial for a period going from 4 months to 3 years.

A few mentors were prohibited from being around their groups,

or on the game worker during true matches, just as on the authority match channel on the Discord worker, and being important for the authority map blackball measure,

or being in correspondence with their groups during the rejection cycle.

Upon fruition, ESIC will deliver a report on its discoveries.